To may correspond with the required qualifications asked by legal stipulations in a certain profession, this must be standardized in C.O.R. – Classification of Occupations in Romania. Since 2010 it became even a European compulsoriness.

After 1990 many people appeared in Romanian public life through print media and radio – TV who present themselves as directors of models agencies or professional models. No one wondered if this presentation is real or an exaggeration.
Kasta Morrely NGO founders researched and found in 2002 that the occupation of Model/Mannequin and Event Organizer were not standardized in the C.O.R. . Thus they discovered that the persons who were presenting themselves as professionals in these occupations, in fact were unqualified persons, who were taking advantage of the novelty of the professions and credulity of the public from Romania.

After a study developed on several meridians of the Globe under the wand of some great events producers, famous designers and FashionTV Romania personalities, the group that founded Kasta Morrely NGO conceived and legitimated the projects of National Standards for Occupations of Model/Mannequin in 2006 and Event Organizer in 2007.

Occupational standards for Model/Mannequin and Event Organizer can be found on the website of the National Council for Adult Vocational Training http://www.cnfpa.ro/ at the Section Occupational Standards, the areas:

X. Other industries and services –  X 35 Mannequin, CN code / COR 521001

T. Culture, handicrafts and traditional crafts – T.20 Event Organizer, CN code / COR 342909

Thus, Kasta Morrely team is first in Europe that has perfected the techniques, legalized occupations and wrote the first specialty manuals of the qualified Model and qualified Event Organizer.

” All informed personalities, who know the exigencies and educative importance of the occupation of Model/Mannequin and Event Organizer, from Romania and abroad have congratulated Kasta Morrely specialists for the writing of this history file of fashion and modeling field by legitimizing two top occupations of current modern society. “

Diana Alexandroae – Kasta Morrely President


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