mobile phone: +40 731327711            

phone / fax: +40 332803634




Twitter: Kasta Morrely


KASTA MORRELY NGO is partner / collaborator / member of:

Council of Europe

European Commission

European Parliament


Crossborder Center of Preventing Modern Human Trafficking ANTI MODERN TRAFFIC

Involved Youth Coalition

AUSTRIA – Verein 4 YouGend

CZECH – Tmelnik – youth initiative
GREECE – Municipality of Voula

 ITALY – Unione degly Assesorati alle Politiche Socio-Sanitarie e del Lavoro

 ITALY – FLARE Freedom Legality and Human Rights in Europe

 ITALY – GIOSEF Giovany senza Frontiere

ITALY – Comune di Padova

 ITALY – Comune di Brolo

 LATVIA – World at Our Home

LITHUANIA – Culture Center “In Actio”

MOLDOVA – Center for European Voluntary Service in Moldova

 MOLDOVA – Amnesty International

 POLAND – Ferso Foundation

 POLAND – Dr. Clown Foundation

PORTUGAL – Associacao Maquina du Mundo

PORTUGAL – VERTIGEM Associacao para promocao do patrimonio

TURKEY – Konya Province National Education Directorate

TURKEY – Tourism Folklore Research Center Youth Club

TURKEY – Batman City Council Youth Parliament

TURKEY – Batman Local Agenda 21

TURKEY – International Office at Balikesir University

TURKEY – Turkish Demokrasi Foundation

SPAIN – Asociacion Opendoors

SPAIN – Instituto de Soluciones Europeas

SPAIN – Cazalla Intercultural Association

UKRAINE – Institute of Ukraninan Studies


  1. aweis nor says:

    it’s possible my organization from somalia partner with you
    if yes tell me what do you want form as as partne.

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