Posted: May 29, 2013 in kasta morrely, KASTA MORRELY BRAND, Kasta Morrely International Portfolio

KASTA MORRELY events’ organizers and top models were present during CANNES FILM FESTIVAL 2013 at Fashiontv Nightlife Awards – the Awards for the Best Clubs in the World.

FashionTV hosted the Nightlife Awards in cooperation with MICS (Monaco International Clubbing Show) recognizing the most exclusive, fashionable, and extraordinary clubs with an awards ceremony on May 21st 2013.

Presenting the evenings’ entertainment was pop singer Ania J, with special appearances from Hollywood star Jean-Claude van Damme, top model Maria Mogsolova, TV presenter Hofit Golan, Kasta Morrely Executive President Ana Hriscu and founder of FashionTV Michel Adam.

The Nightlife Award Winners 2013 are:

  • Jade Club (Zurich)
  • Le Baroque (Geneve)
  • Cirque Du Soir(London)
  • McQueen (London)
  • Bellagio Club (Mamaia)
  • Duplex Club (Prishtina)
  • Space Club (Warsaw)
  • Le Standard (Paris)
  • VIP Room (Cannes)
  • Byblos (Milan)
  • Runway Lounge (Dar es Salaam)
  • Studio 24 (Lagos)
  • Cavalli Club (Dubai)
  • F Bar@Koi (Bangkok)
  • MooVina Bar (Jakarta)
  • Hugos Shadow (Malta)
  • Le Standard (Paris)
  • Tel Aviv Fashionbar (Tel Aviv)
  • Nikki Beach (Miami)

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